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          Dr. Sarah Duke and her husband Shane Duke have a vision to create a family practice where they combine their talents in chiropractic and massage. They birthed thier 3 children through a midwife and have grown passionate about promoting health and wellness throughout the birthing process to other families. It is currently Dr. Sarah and Shane's mission to create an optimal birthing community for families both prenatally and postpartum. They have found that it is easier to build strong children than it is to fix broken adults. Together, they are a healing force beyond compare.

Dr. Sarah Duke, DC, LMT

    Dr. Sarah Duke started her career as a massage therapist in 2003. After working for a few years, she realized that she was designed for a greater purpose and finished her chiropractic degree in 2015.

    When Dr. Sarah became pregnant in 2007 the birthing coach recommended that Dr. Sarah utilize a chiropractor to prepare her hips for birth, and this was her first introduction to the chiropractic profession. Dr. Sarah’s chiropractor educated her about maintaining the nervous system through routine care, and her baby was adjusted from birth.

    The birth of her second child in 2009 really drove the importance of chiropractic home for Dr. Sarah because the new baby was having difficulty latching due to jaw retraction. Since the baby was under care from birth, this problem was resolved in a couple of days instead of the couple of weeks it would have taken without care. Dr. Sarah truly believes that this was the biggest reason that the baby was able to breastfeed successfully.

    After this experience, Dr. Sarah developed several new massage techniques for expectant mothers, sports injuries and kids and began the ICPA pregnancy and pediatric certification program. She was able to take this knowledge into the birthing center with her and help her own newborn recover from respiratory distress with her first adjustment. She also had multiple opportunities to adjust other pregnant Moms through this program.

Shane Duke, LMT

    Shane Duke has over 20 years of experience in the massage industry. Throughout this experience, he has worked for several chiropractors, spas and private practices. He takes great pride in the technical skills that he's developed throughout the years and has truly created a customized approach to massage.  He continued his education post graduation, and has now mastered nearly every massage modality available. Shane specializes in Lomi Lomi, Craniosacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release and prenatal massage. He creates a one of a kind experience for his clients.



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